Overseas Travel Insurance

Australian-based QAC Members receive great overseas leisure travel insurance included with membership. Easy.

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QAC Overseas Leisure Travel Insurance

 Overseas Leisure Travel Insurance – only available to those domiciled in Australia

Current Pilots and Cabin Crew  based in Australia who are financial members – Sections 1 & 2 apply

Ground Staff and Retired Staff  based in Australia who hold guest membership – Section 2 only applies 
Overseas Based Cabin Crew do not have access to the travel insurance. Only benefit is use of facilities. 

Section 1: On Duty Insurance

This covers Pilots and Flight Attendants for medical and dental expenses only if you are injured while on duty overseas and Qantas/Jetstar or other subsidiary airline deny your workers comp claim. 

Section 2: Overseas Leisure Travel Insurance

This covers you as the primary member and anyone nominated as a group A and/or Group C travel beneficiary on your staff travel profile (both you and the group A beneficiary must be under the age of 75 years) while on overseas leisure travel.  The only stipulation is that they (Group A and/or C nominated beneficiary) must travel one international sector with you on that trip to be covered for that particular trip.  Travel can be on any airline or cruise ship stopping at an international port. It is not limited to Staff Travel. Full fare on any carrier is also covered.

Remember that any previous or current medical condition is not covered.

(Aircrew employed directly by Qantas Airways pay a fortnightly fee of $9 which is deducted automatically from their salary) all other aircrew members pay an annual fee of $234 by direct deposit or credit card.

Current or retired employees other than aircrew pay a fee of $250 for 12 months cover.

 Overseas based Cabin Crew yearly fee is $105 – no access to travel insurance. Use of facilities only.

The Qantas Aircrew Club has taken great care to negotiate travel and medical insurance protection for its members. 
However the Qantas Aircrew Club accepts no responsibility for loss suffered as a result of use of this product by its members.
Members should rely on their own investigations to ensure that the product is suitable for their specific needs.

Pilots and Cabin crew based in Australia

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Current Ground and Retired employees

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