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Important information before you Join…

QANTAS Aircrew Club offers two types of membership:

1. Full time membership is only for current Pilots and Cabin Crew. Does not include Overseas Travel Insurance.

2. Guest membership is for current Australian Based ground staff and previous employees

The Qantas Aircrew Club Inc. is a private organisation made up of Pilots and Cabin Crew employed by Qantas Airways and other subsidiary companies.

Only Pilots and Cabin Crew who are financial members of the club are entitled to utilise the equipment and facilities available while on company service away from home base.

London and Auckland based Cabin Crew are only entitled to utilise equipment and facilities whilst on company service. Equipment and facilities are not for use in your home base. Travel Insurance is not included in the reduced club membership. Cost for 12 months membership is $A156

Membership Fees

Aircrew members employed directly by Qantas and paid via Qantas payroll system have fees of $6 per fortnight deducted automatically from their salary. All other members must pay the yearly fee of $156 in advance by credit card or direct deposit.

Only employees of QANTAS and its subsidiaries listed on the registration form are eligible for membership. NOTE. Your membership will not be activated until authorised by our Operations Manager and payment has been received.

For all registration enquiries please contact Ed Ronsisvalle, operations manager. Phone 0411 540 747  or Email here